Alternative Sitting

At home

Younger children

Most children cannot properly use an adult chair until they are at least twelve years old. When a child sits on a chair designed for an adult, the seat height is usually too low to allow a comfortable relationship with the table and too high to permit the feet and legs to be supported correctly on the ground.

This results in a collapsed posture and encourages habits which interfere with the development of a strong and healthy spine. If you want to know how it feels, try sitting on a table with your legs dangling and notice the effect on your back.

The solution to this problem is a children’s chair with adjustable seat and footrest platforms.

Older children

The ergonomic needs of older children are identical to those of adults. They sit for long periods at school and may then have to sit for further long periods while engaged with homework or using a computer. It is important to pay attention to these needs.

For illustrations and further information, please refer to our Alternative Sitting Guide and Leaflet Series publications, which can be found in the Library section.